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Emerald Forest Body Oil

Emerald Forest Body Oil

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Our Emerald Forest body oil is made with quality botanical ingredients sourced from the pristine Bulkley Valley forests of northern British Columbia, Canada. We combined responsibly wildcrafted Lodgepole Pine needles and resin, White Spruce needles and Juniper berry and leafs, creating a relaxing, forest-inspired aromatherapy experience. Nourish your body and experience the aromas of the forest right in your own home. This body oil contains no essential oil, just the natural aromatics of the tree needles and berry terpenes. Emerald Forest can be used as a moisturizing body oil, massage remedy for discomfort, or added to a bathtub for a nurturing self care ritual. 

In our harvesting process, we are extremely careful and respectful of the natural habitat of the plants. We only gather a small amount of needles from each tree and gently collect a small amount of the resin drops from below the tree's wound.


+Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, ^Picea Glauca Leaf Extract (White Spruce needle), ^Pinus Contorta (Lodgepole Pine needle and resin), ^Juniperus Communis fruit extract (Juniper), Tocopherol (Vitamin E).
+Organic ^Wild Harvested


The natural aromatic terpenes of the conifer needles and juniper berry are intoxicating and will take you deep into the woods. This product contains no essential oils.

These conifer needles are harvested in the pristine boreal forests of the Bulkley Valley. When wildcrafting these conifer needles, I am often walking alongside Moose, Elk and Deer in these magical forested areas.


Use a generous amount to massage on skin and soak up the botanical healing. Best used after shower or add to bath for a forest bathing inspired soak. Keep in a cool dry area to preserve shelf life. Caution for those with tree allergies.


This product contains no essential oils, just aromas of the boreal forest. Juniper, Spruce and Pine.

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